Assistant Area Governors: Foundation
Area 1 - RC of Gainesville Mary Kate Walker
Area 2 - RC of Flagler County Cindy Evans
Area 3 - RC of Fleming Island Starr Keating
Area 4 - RC of North Jacksonville Christina McLaughlin
Area 5 - RC of San Jose Mike O'Brien
Area 6 - RC of San Marco Ruth Ann Hepler
Area 7 - RC of Ponte Vedra Billy Wagner
Area 8 - RC of New Smyrna Beach Jim Z - Kocmoud
Area 9 - RC of Palatka Sunrise Jared Dollar
Area 10 - RC of Deland Eric Nompleggi
Area 11 - RC of Ocala Tim Dean
Area 12 - RC of St Augustine Jodi Kotrady-Hatin

Role of Foundation Assistant Area Governor (Year 2)

  • Read the Club Rotary Foundation Committee Manual (available on
  • Be able to demonstrate My Rotary and Rotary Central to the Club Foundation Chairs.
  • Be familiar with the Learning and Reference section of
  • Be able to send Club Foundation Chairs (or the President if there is no Foundation Chair) resources and respond to questions when asked.
  • Subscribe to the Rotary Leader, RotaryTraining Talk, and Weekly Update Newsletters (log in to My Rotary, Member News tab, Newsletters) so that you are well informed. The Area Governor will forward information to Presidents as warranted.
  • Attend the Grant Management Seminar at District Assembly or the August training seminar.
  • Subscribe to the End Polio Now and Rotary Giving and Grants newsletters.
  • Forward relevant information to Club Foundation Chairs (or the President if there is no Foundation Chair) without overloading them.
  • Serve on the District Foundation Committee and report to the District Foundation Chair. Advise the Presidents and Club Foundation Chairs that you are there to help them and determine if they want your help. If they do not want yourhelp, just make your quarterly club visit as coordinated by the Area Governor.
  • Keep the DG and District Foundation Chair updated on clubs. When the DGE asks for help in emailing club presidents information or requesting that clubs complete a request,do so promptly. For some Presidents,phone calls may be necessary.
  • Request to have the District Foundation Chair as a program and attend that meeting.
  • Develop a relationship with the Foundation Chair of each club.
  • Offer to each club to induct new Paul Harris Fellows. Be able to interpret Foundation reports and educate Foundation Chairs in each club on those reports.
  • Show opportunities they have for making new Paul Harris Fellows.
  • Encourage them to solicit new Society, Bequest, and Benefactor members. Encourage clubs to submit Foundation monies mid-year and in May so that their clubs and the District demonstrate goals have been achieved before year end.
  • Encourage clubs to have members enroll in Rotary Direct so Foundation money goes directly to RI thereby saving secretaries and treasurers work.
  • Assist clubs in developing projects and grant applications. Encourage clubs to partner in projects and grant applications.
  • Follow up on the grant reporting status of clubs. As incoming Area Governor, help Presidents-elect in establishing goals in each area prior to PETS. This again requires familiarity with Rotary Central.
  • Attend pre-PETS (PETS One) and PETS. Prior to PETS, begin mentoring Year1 AG for Year 2 role.