District Grants

Notice: April 30, 2022 is the District Grant Application Deadline. There will be no exceptions.


Rotarians at workGetting Started and Following the Steps

District Grants may be used for local community or international projects. They are intended for smaller projects; completion within twelve months and do not require an international partner, but active Rotarian involvement is strongly encouraged when possible.

Any qualified Rotary Club in District 6970 in good standing with the district and Rotary International. Good standing means RI and District dues are current and there are no delinquent reports on previous  grants. Grants are competitive and applications usually exceed the total amount of available funds. Awards are dependant on the availability of Funds.

District grants offer clubs and districts flexibility in carrying out activities supporting the Foundation Mission. Districts are encouraged to distribute these grant funds for relatively short-term activities, either local or international. In District 6970, District Grants must be completed by April 1st. While not required, clubs are encouraged to support the Seven Areas of Focus in their grant project selection.

Districts can request up to 50% of their District Designated Fund (DDF) in one annual block grant. Historically, District 6970 has always requested the full 50% of available DDF, for use with District Grants. The District Share Committee reviews all District Grant applications as members of the District Grant Committee and makes District Grant award decisions.


What are the requirements of a District Grant?

    • District Grant projects must promote Rotary Awareness;

    • Active Rotarian involvement is strongly encouraged, when possible;
    • District Grant projects must adhere to the fund management and  stewardship guidelines as set out in the Club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)-PDF
    • District Grant projects must be short term in nature and completed by April 1st;
    • District Grant projects may be carried out in any country including non-Rotary countries, with the exception of Iran, North Korea and any countries added by TRF;
    • All projects must be publicly identified as a Rotary Project;
    • District Grant projects must not directly benefit a Rotarian, an employee of a club, district or other Rotary  entity or of Rotary International, or a spouse, lineal descendant, a spouse of a lineal descendant, or an  ancestor of any living Rotarian or Rotary employee;
    • District Grant Funds should not be used for existing projects, or used to reimburse  applicants for projects already initiated or  completed, or fund the operational expenses of  another organization;
    • District Grant Funds must not be used to fund the on-going projects of a Rotary club or district.  (This does not preclude the replication of successful projects that will benefit additional communities or extended to new groups of people);

    • District Grants shall not provide continuous or excessive support of any one beneficiary, entity or community;

    • District Grants should be sustainable;


  1. Qualify: Clubs and districts must be qualified. Read and Review: Qualifying for a Grant (PDF)
  2. Execute: Memorandum of Understanding: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) PDF
  3. Execute: Terms and Conditions: Projects must meet the eligibility requirements described in the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation Grants. Download and execute: Terms and Conditions of District and Global Grants (PDF)
  4. Execute: Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF)
  5. Apply: Complete online District Grant Application (see below). April 30, 2021 is the application deadline. There will be no exceptions.  Upload a scanned copy of club executed MOU and COI from above, to the documents section of the grant application. To get started, please review the how-to video:  Access Grant Module. You will find other how-to videos on the Grants Overview page referenced in the video.
  6. Make: Final Report:  Clubs must submit a final report to the District upon expenditure of the grant funds and completion of the project. Receipts for expenditures including final bank statement must be included with the report. Receipts and statements should be scanned and uploaded when completing the final report on the DACdb website, grants tab.  District grants must be completed and final reports submitted by April 1st, of the Rotary year in which the grant was received.

RESOURCE:  District Grant Seminar - Video (Note: use Zoom passcode $+DuC4c.)

RESOURCE:  District 6970 Financial Management Plan (PDF)

  Applying for a District Grant

DACdb connect iconDistrict grant applications are submitted through DACdb. Click the icon at left to connect to DACdb.

Once logged in, you will see tabs across the top. Click the "My Club" tab.
You will see several icons on the page. Click the "Grants" icon.

On the grants page, there will be a menu on the left side of the page.  Not only is there some great information, but there is a "Club Grants View" link. Click it.
Make sure the year, at the top of the page, is 2022-23.  If not, click the "Change OrgYear" button at the top, and set the year to 2022-23.